Tuesday, 18 April 2017

7 Homemade mosquito repellents ideas

Do mosquitoes bother you? I encourage you to prepare at home some of these mosquito repellents to invite them to go and not bother you. These recipes are very simple to prepare at home and are effective to keep mosquitoes away. Another point in favor of these natural remedies to repel mosquitoes is that they do not have harmful chemicals and are safe to use in your home.

However, if mosquitoes have already bitten you and you want to relieve the bites naturally, use this home balsam for mosquito bites.

7 Homemade mosquito repellents


- Mosquito repellent of basil

This plant is excellent for keeping mosquitoes away.

Prepare an infusion with two tablespoons of the dried plant and 500 ml of boiling water. Let stand for 4 hours. Then strain the contents into a spray can.

Spray the areas where you want to keep mosquitoes away. Use as many times as you need.

- Eucalyptus mosquito repellent

You need to dilute 40 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in 200 ml of warm water in a spray can, which has a sprayer to be able to apply it better and more evenly.

To use this home remedy shake it and spray it in areas where you want to repel mosquitoes.

Use preferably at night or in the late afternoon.

- Chamomile mosquito repellent

Prepare an infusion with two tablespoons of dried chamomile and 500 ml of boiling water. Let it stand for about 6 hours and then strain it and pour the contents into a jar with spra.

Spray the room or area in which you want to avoid mosquitoes. Also you can put it directly on the skin so that the mosquitoes do not bite you.

- Clove mosquito repellent

Take a spoonful of cloves and stir them. Put them in a cloth bag and place them strategically around the house to repel mosquitoes and prevent them from entering.

It is another very simple natural remedy that we can use in combination with the other remedies.

- Lavender mosquito repellent

To make this home repellant you only need two tablespoons of dry lavender and 500 ml of boiling water. Prepare the infusion and let it sit for 4 hours. Then, as we have done with the chamomile and the basil, we paste it and throw it in a spray can to spray it around the areas where we want to avoid mosquitoes.

This home remedy can also be used on your skin, have a very pleasant smell and thus you will be safe from mosquito bites.

- Neem oil mosquito repellent

This natural remedy is very effective in keeping mosquitoes away (even lice as well). The truth is that it does not have an especially pleasant smell, but it is worth using because of its great effectiveness.

You can use it by mixing it evenly with a base oil such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, etc. And apply it on the skin or spray with neem oil the areas where we want no mosquitoes.
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- Lemon essential oil mosquito repellent

This natural remedy in addition to moving mosquitoes leaves a very pleasant and stimulating smell.

You only need to dilute 40 drops of lemon essential oil in 200 ml of water and put them in a jar that has a sprayer. Apply at night on skin, clothing, etc. And in the rooms. Before each application shake the boat well.

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